As the premier analytics organization for the Department of Defense, the leadership of the Office of People Analytics (OPA) has a vast range of subject matter expertise in data capture, management, and analysis.

To provide timely, actionable data and reports focusing on complex human resource challenges, OPA draws from interdisciplinary experience across marketing and outreach, statistics, quantitative social science, and information technology. Overseen by Mr. Mark Breckenridge, OPA's innovative leadership is tasked with:

  • facilitating cross-Service collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • maintaining flexible and adaptable procedures to meet evolving stakeholder needs
  • engaging with academia and the private sector to remove obstacles and improve research and analytic techniques

The OPA Chief Operations Officer (COO) works in support of the Director to promote the program mission and vision. The COO is responsible for daily operations, putting procedures and resources in place, optimizing organizational policies and practices, and coordinating with Division directors to ensure they have the resources necessary to successfully complete the mission goals established.

The OPA Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) is responsible for directing the research analysis and data-science efforts within OPA. The CAO focuses on the strategic planning, infrastructure, and resources required for generating and analyzing information to provide policymakers with data-driven recommendations when needed.

The OPA Enterprise Operations division provides administrative, personnel, financial, and operational support and guidance to OPA, with a focus on customer service. The division supports the entire enterprise, as well as OPA customers, and participates in joint working groups and operational meetings. Products delivered by the Enterprise Operations division range from travel and facilities support to FOIA requests, staffing, onboarding, awards and performance management, and budget and procurement management; from audit readiness and support agreements to information and systems management for the enterprise. The goal of the division is to enable and support a more efficient, effective OPA by providing overarching program support, identifying best practices, and extending commonality to OPA’s diverse divisions, programs, and systems.


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